Man Bites Dog for Love

“Man Bites Dog for Love”
(Headline in your local newspaper, page 3)

Man bites dog; that’s news.
But bites for love – means what?
Loves whom, and how?
Can’t love dog, or else why bite?

Let’s try again.
Man bites dog for love of whom?
Not love of self, or wouldn’t bite.
Dogs taste bad, I’m told.

Okay, okay. Try again.
Man bites dog for love of woman.
Driven to it? Understood.
But untrue. Women won’t allow it.

So what’s this mean, all this news?
Man bites dog? A silly thing.
To bite a dog for the sake of love
Is not what a loving man should do.

Okay! Okay! I confess.
I bit the dog, for love of you.
Want more proof of how I feel?
I’ll eat him up: love mutt stew.