Love, Hate and Stopping Points in Between

[These poems date from 1970 through the end of the ‘80s and explore the ups, downs, depressions and elations of personal relationships we categorize grossly as love and hate; it is actually far more complicated than that, as can be seen from the euphoric and bitter works below. Seems that I remain often wed to rhyme, clearly a 19th century affectation; but the rhyme creates a controlled mood that can express peace in pace, or sardonic reference to peace when really what is happening is war – or worse. As to the blank verse, freedom from rhyme permits stream of emotion much closer to how we experience emotion ab initio, in its unanalyzed initial iteration. In all events, never apologize for what you write; worst that can be said of it is that it is bad poetry, and as to that judgment – who is to say?]


You are my song of love,
Cadenza in the sky.
You are the birth of Spring,
A new-born virgin’s cry.
You are the moon at dusk
Along the silent seas.
You are the breeze at dawn
That frolics in the trees.
You are the voice of life
That rises from the light.
You are the first-seen star
Across the spreading night.
You are my symphony,
Sonatas of the soul.
Flarings of the cymbals,
Drums that dare to roll.
You are the rhythm beat,
The how and where and why.
You are my song of love,
Cadenzas in the sky.


across a night that knows no shadows
getting on towards morning
she came to me.


I lay claim to you
And own you.
You are mine.
I refuse to be denied.
Well, you know it, and I know it,
And it’s time they knew it
Lest they trespass my domain
And learn to rue it.


I love you when you smile.
I love you when you move.
So if you put my heart on trial
I don’t know what you’ll prove.
I’m willing to stand still
To wait while you decide
And when you’ve had your fill
I’m willing to abide.
I ask you just one thing:
I ask that you be kind.
Whatever news you bring
Be gentle on my mind.

Make Up Your Mind

Either you love me or you don’t.
Make up your mind.
I am a busy man.
Today I must sign a contract,
Sell a building,
Dine a bureaucrat
Or two,
And talk the whole thing over.
So answer me: do you love me?
If you need more time—let’s see…
I can give you another appointment
Tomorrow after three.

I Love You in Four Short Lines

I love you (in four short lines)!
It’s towards you my heart inclines.
With your life my life entwines.
See! One line left in rhymes.

I Love You in a Greater Number of Lines

There was a moment
Soft as gentle memory
Warm as glowing fire
Slightly tangled in dawning but
As stars burned deep onto the night—
And then singing
Humming/purring and unfurling,
Releasing flowers and moist perfumes.
There was a moment
And it was you.