Ol’ Lil’s Little List

This is dedicated to ol’ Lil’s Little Lists
That I always must refer to, just to see what I have missed.

I remembered well the movie – lots of planning for that night
As we slinked thru distant suburbs, ducking from each stark light.

I remembered to sleep over – all so very intime
And definitely endearing in its oh so special way.

I’m working on the week-end, and I’m hoping for a trip
Tho I’ve changed my travel agent, so no one makes a slip.

It’s just I’m never certain that I’m getting all this right,
And you’re entitled to full measure, and I don’t intend to slight.

It is now a gift you’re wanting? Is the theater overdue?
Please understand, my darling; I can do much more than screw!

Now that I know I’m average, I want to play the game
As well as any average Joe who’s doing just the same.

So, when I ask you for it, please don’t think I’m pissed:
I’m really much in need of ol’ Lil’s Little List.