It Should Never Rain at Night

The rain was falling downward, downward,
(Angry protest in the night),
When there came the cloud of “languish”
Drifting slowly into sight.

Caress me now, o winds of boredom!
Lazy rains, weigh down my eyes.
Sing to me the rotting promise,
Chant to me the perverse cries:

Water rippling, spreading outward,
Light and color shimmer by;
Night the time of obscene gurglings,
Twisted dreams all gone awry.

Melody of hopeless being,
Promise of a dissonant tune,
Cry now, loud now, lift your voice now
High above the brazen moon.

Sing the song that has no ending,
Chant the anthem of the night,
Listen deeply to the music:
Song of hatred, song of fright.

Once more whisper ere departing
Words that often are unsaid,
Beg of night its precious largesse,
Pray you now that you are dead.