Whistle Down the Night

The sparkle of the crystals gives a vibrance to the snow
As reflecting stars at midnight lend tiaras to the glow.
Trees hide gentle goblins ‘neath their covert arms of gray –
The night takes full possession of the lands of conquered day.

The lane slides softly forward toward the rustling of the leaves
As winds whip wild patterns ‘round the brackets in the eaves.
Moon-glow creeps full-shrouded thru the autumn clouds of steel
While down the fog-drenched valley night-bells start their distant peel.

With trembling brow I plod on towards the fireside at the inn
Where I know the brew is burbling and will warm me from within.
But while I walk this roadway dank my eyelids quake with fright
So I strike a jaunty posture and I whistle down the night.