Virtual Virus

I was not subject to your illness.
I was not open to your sickness.
I was closed to all issues of conflict.
I was immune to the tempers of your time.
I was overcome by the innuendos.
I was advertent to most contradictions.
I was resigned to the status quo.

You were infected by your life.
You were spreading your maladies.
You relished our disagreements.
You were battered by your circumstances.
You were immune to all subtleties.
You saw no fundamental sticking points.
You were attuned to the floating reality.

We were in separate hospitals.
We confounded different doctors.
We transcended all issues.
We rose above all contexts.
We ignored every subtext.
We drove to the bottom line.
We were our own universe.

In total synchrony we defined each other as we married,
Defied all other as we mutated,
An organism newborn.