The Sun is in my Eyes

The Sun is in my eyes
through slats and spaces,
Dancing off water and reflecting from windows
of buildings far away down the shore.

The Sun is in my mind
as warm tendrils sink through my eyelids
and illuminate my feelings
With a softening glow unbecoming to the season.

The Sun is in my heart
and rises on its heat
into a stream that carries me across
the sand and waves and water, to all horizons.

The Sun is burning the farms
and charring the skins
and drying the blowing earth
and leaving parched salt licks on the surface of my thoughts.

The Sun is exploding in a nova,
small star that it is, absorbing all around it
in a gaseous cloud of chaos
that obliterates me, you, our children.

The Sun has left a pulsing void,
a scar on the universe where
it once held sway over all things we know.
I am harbinger of its demise.

–February 2017