Modern Puppy Love

Lady barista,
Love your tats.
Pull me my coffee
And that’s that.

I only come in here
‘cause you make it special.
I see your black nails,
And gold holes in your nose.

Cupa coffee mundane?
But you got the status.
A gift from espresso
To the whole civilized world.

You got a following,
Just like some DJ.
Fill up my nostrils,
Cover me with foam.

You got beans and lemon twists
And tiny spoons.
Stirrers of pale wood, actually.
Tiny napkin on the saucer.

I like the paucity
Of our interchange.
I like more the way you look.
Your hair is so straight.

Lady barista, make my your mista.
Day old pastry only a buck.
Love the whole thing.
Let’s have a date.

for Matthew 3-17