Love is Confusing

By the way … can we get together Tuesday night?

No, I don’t think so. I think that I have to skip next week.


May I ask why?


My husband … When I got home the other night he didn’t even want to talk to me. He didn’t – couldn’t even talk to me. He didn’t even look at me. After about a half an hour, he started – talking naturally, but even then …. And I couldn’t even look at him … not that I didn’t want to — I was just so … ashamed.

[Long Pause]

I’m sorry.

It’s not your problem. I’m not asking you to do anything about it.

I know — I’m not saying it because I’m guilty about it. I just feel badly for you.

[Quietly] – Thank you.

You know, I react to this on a couple of levels. The first is, generally, I’m very sorry that you’re going through this. The second I almost hesitate to say. It’s on the — functional level. We talked – identified ways….

I know –

… where we could be together without being so regular, predictable.

I know, I thought about that. But, well …

You don’t have to tick off a checklist ….

They’re just not good, for me.

[Long Pause]

I’m sorry, I know this is not the best time for you.

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