I Miss You

I miss you
When the dawn
is false against the sky
and the mist steams in the hollows
effervescing into warmer air.
And in the morning
As the softening winds
Mingle in the sunlight
Promising the day.
When the sun is high
And I bask in heat and sweat
And see your face
Float within the space before my eyes.
And in the night—
The night of fog and fear,
The capstone of the pain,
The end of the possible.
When fog drifts across the moon
In ghostly shrouds
And spreads the pale light
Like dust across your mind,
When fancy grabs the heart
And melds memory to mush,
When proof is given
That nothing possible is real,
When sleep threatens—
The final total dark,
Assuring failure for all dreams,
And when I cannot touch.
When every wish is gone
And I am left with myself
And I don’t like what I see
And know the view won’t change.
When wrenching empty nights
Emphasize the loss,
Prove permanence of pain—
And show no hint of hope
I miss you.